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NAKS certification
  • Certification of welders and welding engineers
  • Special training of welders and welding engineers
  • Certification of welding
  • Certification of welding matereals
  • Certification of welding equipment
Building control. Geodesy
  • Building control (technical supervision) for capital construction and repair, including the highly dangerous and technically complex, objects subordinate Rostechnadzor
  • Geodetic measurements, control and monitoring of the construction of buildings, structures, and other objects of capital construction
Welding Engineering. Delivery of the equipment.
  • Engineering in the field of welding production
  • Development and integration of automated systems for welding and cutting
  • Delivery of industrial equipment for welding and cutting of the world's leading manufacturers
  • Research Laboratory welding
  • Customer service and warranty repair welding equipment
Quality Control Laboratory
  • Monitoring the quality of welded joints, metals, alloys, polymers and other materials
  • Testing is destructive and non-destructive ways
  • Own site machining of material samples for testing